About Us

We are a company renowned in the country for its quality, safety, and on-time delivery of projects. All the faculties required to deliver the projects reside within the company.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be number one preferred and profitable Engineering firm in the oil and gas Industry in Africa.

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Our Mission

We exist to deliver satisfaction to our customers through quality, timely and cost efficient engineering solutions in the oil and gas industry.

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Our Core Values

  • Boldness
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
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Our Story

Who we are

AFRO OIL ENGINEERING CO.LTD is an integrated engineering
services, Construction & manpower Supply company operating in

South Sudan. We are in the business of delivering client-specific

solutions for projects related to the Energy, Oil & Gas, Infrastructure,

and other Process industries. The integrated package of services

encompasses engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning,

We are a company renowned in the country for its quality, safety, and

on-time delivery of projects. All the faculties required to deliver the

projects reside within the company. This unique strength enables us to

provide solutions as EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and

Commissioning) services provider to a host of international clients.

Our Professional Engineers will make your dream construction a reality .

Afro Oil CEO
Afro Oil

Do you need Professionals to project and build your dream home?

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7. Protect and minimize any harm to the environment in our oil and gas activities, and continuously specialize in improving our environmental procedures.
Monitor and review our CSR and HSE policies and procedures on a daily basis to make sure suitability and effectiveness.
Ensure that partners and contractors’ policies are compliant with our own standards, and recognize that everyone functioning on our behalf can impact our operation and reputation which we all share a
standard responsibility for our safety.
The Operational Integrity HSE Policy will be consolidated at all levels and is the responsibility of HSE management with the active support of all staff.

Afro Oil Engineers

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Afro Oil Engineering Ltd


Health, safety and environment (HSE) Policy Afro Oil Engineering Company Limited activities are undertaken with integrity, responsibility and respect for the environment and also the community within which these activities occur. This entails conducting operations in an ethically and practically sound manner that minimizes risks and places high priority on the security of those involved in Afro Oil Engineering Company Limited’s oil and gas operations.

Afro Oil Engineering Company Limited is committed to:
Comply with all applicable Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) laws, regulations and standards and to use responsible standards where legislation is insufficient or doesn’t exist.
A systematic framework of hazard identification and risk assessment through which safe operations will be managed.
Develop effective HSE management systems to spot and manage risks related to its activities by
specializing in risk avoidance and prevention.

Establish accountability and responsibility for HSE within organizational administration.
Provide training, equipment and facilities necessary to keep up a secure and healthy worksite.
Support environmental protection, practice pollution prevention, and seek viable ways to reduce the environmental impact of operations, reduce waste, conserve resources and respect biodiversity.

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